• 2020-09-11

AfLIA receives grant from Wikimedia Foundation

AfLIA is pleased to announce that it has received a grant of $54,098 from Wikimedia Foundation. The grant is to enable AfLIA employ the services of a Wikipedian in Residence (WiR) for one year among other activities. The WiR will work alongside a Curriculum Development Consultant and the AfLIA team to adapt the OCLC ‘Wikipedia + Libraries Better Together’ curriculum for the sole purpose of making it more relatable to African Librarians. AfLIA is particularly pleased that the course which will run in two Cohorts is geared towards equipping African librarians and Library educators with the requisite skills to become active digital citizens in collaborative spaces who can help tell our stories and accurately amplify Africa’s voice in Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia which has more than 54 million articles in different languages and has grown to be the world’s largest reference website. It is expected that the course will train at least 10 librarians each from 30 African